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A Trader service benefit for Supercell employees

As an employee of Supercell, you benefit from the Trader securities trading service. The benefits relate to equity savings and book-entry accounts. As Supercell’s employee, you trade in at least the Plus price category. The offer is valid for the duration of your employment relationship. You can take advantage of the employee benefit by opening an account through this page. This offer concerns also the adult family members living in the same household.

To open the account you need to have a Finnish banking ID. An international onboarding to Trader can be arranged for those who don’t have a Finnish banking ID required for the onboarding and login on Trader.

Trader equity savings account

The equity savings account (ESA) is a new equity savings and investment tool intended for everyone. It was launched on 1 January 2020. Both Finnish and foreign exchange-traded equities can be traded through the account. With the Trader ESA, you will enjoy:

  • The broadest markets. Take advantage of global diversification opportunities. With a Trader ESA, you can easily diversify your investments across 37 markets.
  • Pricing. As Supercell’s employee, you trade in at least the second best price category 'Plus' for the duration of your employment relationship. You also get the same price category benefit for family members who live with you by contacting Trader’s customer service at trader@mandatumlife.fi. Read more about pricing.
  • Investment themes. Themes that help you in your investment decisions. Invest easily, for instance, in sustainable companies or health technology.
  • Customer service. In Trader, Mandatum Life is responsible for providing customer service in Finnish and English.  
  • Three applications with one account.
  • The total value of the portfolio affects which price category you belong to. The size of the Trader portfolio and the assets under Mandatum Life’s wealth management are both included in the portfolio’s value.

Read more about the Trader equity savings account (Finnish)

Trader securities trading service

The Trader securities trading service offers an exceptionally broad selection of investment objects and access to the global markets. It provides access to more than 35,000 investment instruments. In addition to stocks, funds and ETFs, the selection includes currencies, raw materials, futures, options and bonds.

Trader is a securities trading service offered by the Danish bank Saxo Bank A/S. Mandatum Life is responsible for Trader’s customer service, client identification and service marketing. Saxo Bank is responsible for trading within the service, regulatory reporting and custodial services for securities.

Read more about the Trader securities trading service (Finnish)

Trader's customer service

Trader's customer service provides you with information and advice on any matters. Reach our customer service by calling 010 516 8989 or through email trader@mandatumlife.fi.

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